Healthy GAPA


GAPA was awarded £30,000 from Children In Need towards the Healthy GAPA Project.  

GAPA Cooking Club

Recipes have included
Tuna Burgers
Beef Burgers
Potato wedges
Low fat Cheesecake
Twice Baked Potatoes
Baked Bananas
Jam Doughnut Muffins
Fruit Kebabs
Chicken Kebabs
Banoffi Trifle

All were delicious!!!!!!!

GAPA's Got Talent

Dance workshops started on 17th August for all children attending the Gainsborough Adventure Playground. The workshops were held in a room just off the main playroom so the children would not be disturbed or put off my others.  The workshops were held over two weeks and children that wanted to take part could use the dance workshops to put together singing and dancing routines that would be showcased at the GAPA’s got Talent event on 29th August.
The children really enjoyed the workshops and children of all ages took part and there was a good mix of girls and boys that took part. 
Holly Garfoot was employed to lead the workshops and is an experienced and qualified dance and fitness instructor.  The children formed a great relationship with Holly and responded top her in a positive way.   Amy Cowan was employed as a relief worker to work with Holly as she has had experience of singing and dancing in school performances and taking part in professional workshops.
After almost two weeks of workshops the day of the Talent Show arrived the children were very excited and those not performing had built a stage and decorated the room to make it look special.
The show was amazing the children showed of their dancing skills and we even had a Belly Dancer and Hula Hooper.
The whole two weeks was a great success and the children really enjoyed being involved in such a physical energetic activity.  The show was a great way to finish the Summer Playscheme!

GAPA Spooktacular  
An idea was taken from the children’s ideas line that said lets have a big fancy dress party; this inspired the creation of the Spooktacular event that we held at the Blues Club on 30th October 2010 on the last day of the half term holidays.
It was discussed amongst the team that we should hold a big party and celebrate what GAPA does best – Having Fun.  We all agreed that a venue in town would be ideal and that we could not only invite children and families but it would be nice to invite people that support the playground in the local community.  We talked about different ideas for entertainment and discussed the success of the dance workshops and talent show held in the summer.  It was agreed because of the fantastic feed back and the children wanting to take part in more dance activities that we would ask Holly Garfoot if she would be able to work with the children for
a week this time and put on a spooky themed show.
Holly agreed and came to GAPA in the Playscheme and ran four days of dance workshops were the children worked hard to prepare for the big performance.  The performance consisted of dance, poem and singing routines.  The children made all their own costumes and worked really hard to perfect their routines.
The children gave out invitations to their families and invitations were sent out to supporters in the local community.
On the day of the performance we travelled to the venue by bus and decorated the hall, parents and staff made a small buffet and a professional entertainer was
booked to work with the children in the lead up to the live performance.  The entertainer was great and combined a mixture of magic, party games and jokes into his act and it really helped to warm up the crowd who by then was growing and growing.  The children took to the stage at 2pm and for an hour absolutely had the best time ever; their show was amazing and the children were brilliant.
150 people attended the event and it has to be one of the best events GAPA has
ever had.  It was lovely to see the children not just on stage but having a fantastic time with their families.  

The Music Man

The Music Man  6 Week Programme
We decided that we wanted to encourage the younger children aged 0 – 4 years that come to GAPA during the day with their parents/carers to be active and to have the opportunity to take part in professional workshops.  We had worked with Pete O’Brien who is The Music Man before and new he would be prefect for the job.
We ran in total 8 sessions which the children thoroughly enjoyed and it was great to see parents joining in with their children and having so much fun. 
Pete started the sessions by making everyone familiar with the songs and raising their confidence to sing and dance in front of each other.  Over the weeks it was nice to see this happening and the children would ask when Pete was due as they couldn’t wait.  The final session was held at the GAPA Christmas party that had over 50 children and adults joining in it was a great way to end the GAPA Christmas celebration and helped us all to burn off our Christmas lunch.
Traditional Games
The 6 week Traditional Game Programme started in January and was run by Mo and Danielle.  The kids were given the opportunity to take part in a range of games and activiites such as two balls, elastics, marbles - by it takes me back.  The kids had a great ime and nearly as much as the workers! 

Sam's Sports Programme
Sam is running a sport programme which will take us up to the easter holidays.  Anyone can take part and it runs on a Saturday starting at 10am.  The more activities you take part in the more points you gain and the better the prize you willl win at the end.

Chinese Feast
Debbie held a Chinese Feast to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  Two weeks leading upto the event the kids made a fantastic dragon and decorations which looked great when they were hung in the main playroom.  On the day everyone was busy chopping and cooking and the feast was a great success.

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