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Posted by Linda Stevens on 27/08/2018   Email

I can not thank you and your team enough for the fantastic youth club you run through the holidays as the children I look after have enjoyed it so much that it has been their choice to attend every day of the holidays, so we adjusted our days out to the weekends to accommodate. they have made lots of friends which has been great for them as they do not school in this area and only moved in with us in may. I have sent your website link to their SW praising your staff.

Posted by leanne coombes on 09/10/2016   Email

Gapa has been in my life for as long as i can remember, i couldnt wait to come out of school and go straight there.. Help do dinner and tuck, just playing with all my friends even met new ones, so many different activites, the skater discos was the best! I now have 2 children and one on the way my son is in the playgroup and he loves it his favourite key people are ella, lucy and lindsey d! Cant wait for them to experience what i did when i was younger!

Posted by Tamara Willoughby on 22/04/2016   Email

even though I am now 15 I still remember from when I was little and used to come to gapa every time it was open It helped me through a lot of tough times and I still remember Claire's cheery smile everyday thank you gapa

Posted by Jade Fordham on 18/09/2015   Email

I still miss gapa so much x living at hemswell cliff I have nothing to do so im in my room most of the time. Loved every minute of gapa x going there was the best thing that's ever happened in my life x love you all x

Posted by chris fordham on 26/07/2013   Email

hey lisa dont know if u remember me me but i used to go to gapa which was some years back now and i was at gapa when it used to be the old wooden building which must of been when i was about 5 years old and i didnt stop going to gapa until i was to old. i loved every day that i spent at gapa playing rounders, football and loads of other sports with digger and james. AWESOME TIMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Kiran cusson-ward on 24/02/2013   Email

Hi Lisa guess what I'm coming to see you on Saturday. Ill be there by 11 am. Hope to see u there. Best wishes. Kiran

Posted by kiran cusson-ward on 25/08/2012   Email

Bye Lisa, the staff and all my friends at GAPA because i'm moving to Linciln on the 31st of August 2012 i might see you on Monday 28Th maybe.If not goodbye but i might come back and visit about 1 Saturday a month. bye bye!. From Kiran Cusson-Ward

Posted by Ethan B on 26/05/2012

Hello i am Ethan i am 9 years old and i go to Gapa most days with my Family we enjoy going to gapa because i like having water frights with my family and friends

Posted by Sean Brennan on 26/03/2012   Email

Quality organisation, deserves quality funding. Brilliant resource.

Posted by kiran cusson-ward on 05/07/2011   Email

hi lisa kiran here just cheking the websit as usual oh yes you need to take debbie off the GAPA team webpage and staff board. ok so ill see you hopefully in the summer playscheme. bye

Posted by Akemi and Teiya on 12/04/2011

I love GAPA by Akemi xx Without GAPA it would be soooooooo boring!! I love GAPA and Debbie and Danielle by Teiya xx

Posted by Jade Fordham on 20/02/2011   Email

GAPA is the best place ive ever been to in my whole life and nothing will ever change that. ever since ive stopped going ive realised what ive been missing i guess when your away from something so long you kind of realise where you belong im a GAPA girl all the way. the first time i went to gapa was when i was 5 and i really loved it and now im nearly 18 and i still love it. its hard to forget something that has all your great memories in. What can i say i will never forget gapa its just too good to not think about.xx And im sorry for you know what lisa i really am.xx

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